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07765 860 651




Understanding & Alleviating Anxiety


Come and join us around the campfire in our beautiful woodland setting.
As well as experiencing the healing effects of nature, you will come away with a set of tools, skills and practices to help you understand and 
alleviate anxiety and promote a state of relaxation and well being. The sessions will offer a combination of learning, a fireside support group, simple mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well as opportunities to engage in natural crafts and bush craft skills.

What will I get with the course?

  • The opportunity to develop a lifelong relationship with nature

  • Fireside support group

  • A wide variety of tools and skills to help understand and manage anxiety

  • Two highly experienced therapists to hold the group, answer questions and address difficulties every week with personalised advice.

  • Guided nature-based relaxation techniques to help develop mindfulness, calm, and resilience

  • Opportunity to enjoy natural crafts and bush craft skills



Summer Re:Leaf: June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Time             12.15am – 14.45 Noon

Location:      Twyford Farm, Twyford Lane,  RH17 7DJ

Cost:            By donation. 

Workshop 1


Please contact us for booking:


Tel: 07765 860 651

Workshop 2




Hands on the Land: Therapy and Conservation

We are very excited to be starting our new Hands on the Land: Therapy and Conservation project in February. This will be a weekly group which will combine a fireside support group with conservation work to improve wildlife habitats. The fantastic benefits of spending time in nature are greatly increased when combined with the physical activity and meaningful work that is involved in conservation work.  We hope that you will experience the sense of wellbeing and connection that comes from working together on a shared project and playing an important role in improving the biodiversity of this beautiful woodland site. Twyford Farm is part of the Countryside Regeneration Trust – a national charity that promotes nature-friendly farming to help reverse bio-decline and combat climate change.  

 The group will end with a forty-minute fireside therapeutic support group held by two highly experienced therapists.  It goes without saying that we expect participants will have different needs on different days - good days and bad days. Our check-in at the start of the sessions will help us to tune in to the mood of the group and tailor activities to reflect what is around.

Refreshments will be provided, and the project will include some group cooking over the fire.

Hands on the Land – Therapy & Conservation

Course Dates:

Every Monday morning

Times 9.30am – 11.30am

Please contact us for booking:





07765 860 651

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