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Rain 8.4.24

There’s been a lot of it recently. Rain. The yearning for warmth and sunshine is palpable, expressed daily in conversations with family, friends and neighbours.  It’s commonplace at times to talk of rain in a complaining way; a tendency to brace ourselves against it when we step outside and it’s pouring.  And yet, when you’re warm and dry in a good, long coat, your feet are cosy - to walk leisurely in the rain can be such a pleasurable experience.  And a splendid opportunity to engage with your senses.  Hearing the pitter-patter on your hood, feeling the cold and gentle spatters of rain on your cheeks and nose, inhaling the aroma of a wet world.   

I am reminded again of how thankful I am to have a dog who needs a daily walk – I am outdoors in nature whatever the weather. Walking in the woods or fields, or by a river I like to find a sit spot – possibly under a tree or sitting on a log, Ten minutes, quiet, allowing myself to give my full attention to what’s going on around me – in this moment.  Putting aside the busy, thinking of the problem-solving mind.  

Being here with the rain.  And the birdsong and rustling trees have the beat of the rain on my hood to make music with. Love you, rain. And you will be so welcomed and celebrated, Sun.


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